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For Women Who Are Sick & Tired Of "Barely Keeping Their Head Above Water" And Still Not Able to Live The Life They Want & Deserve...

The Greatest Gift you could give yourself...

“100 Struggling Women's Lives Will forever change in 2023...

...And I’m Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!”

Join A Small Group Of Real Women with Real Struggles TODAY...
And Finally Live the Life You've Always Dreamed Of!

 Make Sure The Sound Is On And Watch Below Now!

4 Women sitting on a bench enjoying the day outside. One woman has her dog with her.

Limited Spots Available

If You Are Ready To Get In The Driver's Seat And Take Back Control Of YOUR Life By Working Directly With Me, Coach Kendra, Then My Coaching Program Is For You!

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What Is The

Dream Woman Coaching Program?

As you probably saw from the awesome video above, the Dream Woman Coaching Program is a group of amazing REAL women who decided one day that they had enough surviving and wanted to live and experience life on their terms. They are doing things NO ONE else is doing... showing up the way they really want to in the world (despite life's circumstances)... and living the life they’ve always dreamed of!

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Unbelievable Group!

The Dream Woman Coaching Program

Was created for two reasons:

– Reason #1 –

Everyday women are losing parts of themselves because they have no idea how amazing they truly are and how close they really are to being the woman they have always dreamed of.

Inside, many of us are hurting deeply because no matter what we do, we seem to be getting it wrong. Life's circumstances won't back down long enough for us to conquer all and be victorious. We begin feeling like WE are the problem, like WE don't have what it takes to overcome the circumstances life throws at us, and we begin feeling stuck. Feeling at the mercy of our circumstances, many of us start going through the motions a little more each day until one day we look around and are watching our lives pass us by and may have no clue how we got there.  - I created the Dream Woman Coaching Program to help women be their Dream Woman no matter what circumstances life throws their way. 

– Reason #2 –

A long time ago many of us decided we were going to live our lives on our terms (in 1 or more areas of life), but as life continues, our thoughts (possibly triggered by: time, society, and others who think they are simply just asking questions) start talking to us telling us "we are not where we are supposed to be in life".  We begin believing this when we start examining every aspect of our lives and finding "proof" in every corner pointing to how things in this stage of life should look different, which means we "screwed up somewhere"! - I created the Dream Woman Coaching Program to help women navigate their way through this part of their life's journey.


Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% believe in yourself... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the Dream Woman Coaching Program: a group of hardcore believers that do nothing but support and fight alongside you all the way across the finish line!!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Some of Our Amazing Coaching Program Dream Women

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Jane Doe

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Jessica Doe

stock6 jpg

Jamie Doe

stock1 jpg

Jan Doe

stock2 jpg

Jolly Doe

stock4 jpg

Jessie Doe

Additionally, When You’re Part Of The Dream Woman Family,

you become a very special part of a unique group of women from all walks of life with one very similar goal in mind: showing up as your dream woman consistently.

WOMAN all shades png

Through it all we will watch, we will learn, we will experience, we will grow,

...and when its all said and done, WE are the women who show up each day in a broken and hurting world. 

...the world no longer gets to determine our lives, we take back our control.

...and in all our many shades of woman, we become the example of what's possible.

And Every Year,

We Hand Select Exotic Locales And Adventures That Are Fun And Memorable For The Entire Family!

When You’re Part Of The Family,

We Not Only become our dream woman, We Also Form Long-Lasting Relationships And Memories Together!

Relationships are VITAL in living a life you love - especially the relationship with yourself which,
as you saw in the video above, will transform drastically during your time in the program.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the previous events we’ve done... and what you can look forward to when you’re part of the [NAME] Coaching Program!

When You Succeed WE ALL SUCCEED! 

So, we give you EVERYTHING
you need to be successful in your journey!

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The Proven Struggling Woman's
Success System

The Dream Woman Starter Kit

Establish a solid foundation for your Dream Woman that you can and will come back to for years to come. The strength of your foundation will determine your long term success, which is why we spend 10 weeks diving into this proven system to make sure you have the necessary tools to create a foundation that can last. This foundation is where you will always be able to safely land to help get you through any of life’s circumstances.

With this proven system's starter kit, you get everything you need to know about how to become your Dream Woman. We will guide you week by week through the foundation and tools of what it means to be your Dream Woman and walk you step by step through helping her to show up consistently no matter what life throws your way.

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Weekly Group Coaching

Immediately begin seeing results as every single week you have an opportunity to join a coaching call where you can get coached through your roadblocks or you can tune in while others work their way through their roadblocks on their journey. Either way, you can always get tons of great take-aways to help you on your journey by simply showing up to these weekly calls!

These calls give you a chance to become your Dream Woman quickly and efficiently by practicing with a coach! Go out into the world and practice showing up as your Dream Woman, and afterwards attend weekly coaching and get coached to continue showing up as your Dream Woman.

Because you will be on a journey with many women of all different walks of life & backgrounds, each having the goal to become her own Dream Woman - one of the greatest tools in this coaching program can be getting coached as well as watching and listening as others get coached. This is where we can see that we are all going through very similar struggles, even when outwardly the struggles may seem like complete opposites. It turns out, because we are all human with human brains, we all have a very similar struggle in life. So, the weekly coaching calls are our time to work through those struggles and continue to show up as our Dream Woman despite what circumstances are awaiting us.

*If you cannot make the weekly coaching calls when they are live, don’t worry they will all be recorded for you to be able to go back and watch when you have a chance.

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24/7 Dream Woman Support

Imagine you are 3 weeks into the Dream Woman Coaching Program, you are beginning to practice showing up as your Dream Woman but one day things didn’t go as you had hoped. It's the middle of the night and you keep thinking of the situation from that day but you can't weed through it yourself. All you can do is keep replaying exactly what happened or more ways of you not showing up as your Dream Woman. You keep trying to pull the situation apart to see it more clearly and see how you realistically could show up as your Dream Woman, but you are still unable to do so and would like some guidance.

We are here for you! With 24/7 Dream Woman Support, you will have a place you can begin getting the help you need to continue to show up as your Dream Woman on any given day, any time, no matter what circumstances you have in your life.

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Dream Woman Community

Give, gain, and refresh in the Dream Woman Community by sharing your journey and watching others. Provide encouragement to others or receive a loving nudge when things may not seem to be going your way. Create lasting friendships and relationships as you journey through the Dream Woman Coaching Program with the Dream Woman Community to support you. Connect with women from all around the world doing the same thing you are, becoming their Dream Woman. Lean on those around you as you go through the ups and downs, laughs and tears, all while uniting to create an unstoppable community of women around the world showing up the way they want to and living a life they love, like they have always dreamed.

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Dream Woman Cohort Program

Set yourself up for success by settling in right away with your own smaller group of women. Your cohort is designed to be a safe space for discussions and a place for you to get ideas about what may be working for those on a very similar journey as you. The cohorts program allows you to give and get much needed support especially during your first few weeks of incorporating your Dream Woman into everyday living. From the beginning while diving into the Proven Success System and building your solid foundation, have this small group of women always by your side. Once these connections are formed, members of cohorts may continue to support each other for years and years down the road.

product2 jpg


Dream Woman Accountability Program

Increase the consistency in which your Dream Woman shows up by having someone walking side-by-side with you throughout your journey. By having regular check-ins with your accountability partner, you can continue to maximize your Dream Woman experience. Checking in helps us to keep our goals front and center and gives us a chance to embrace our own Dream Woman frequently, making it easier for her to show up not just when specific situations come up in our life.

product2 jpg


Dream Woman Live Event Celebrations

Here is our excuse to have a party! One thing we definitely do, is celebrate what we have accomplished and what we continue to accomplish as women being our Dream Woman. It is no small feat and we make sure we all remember it regularly - so we celebrate regardless of the size of the accomplishments. These moments are our time to come together virtually or in person and enjoy each other as the outstanding women we are. We are our Dream Woman!

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Upgraded VIP Experience Opportunity

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The Dream Woman Coaching Program

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step “Short-Cut” For Being your dream woman and living a life you love.

stock5 jpg

Now is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to GRAB IT.

The Dream Woman Coaching Program is changing lives all around the world and helping women from all walks of life become the woman they have always known they wanted to be. Being able to finally step into those shoes and release the constraints of who we have come to believe we have to be is the breath of fresh air many of us have been waiting for and didn't even know it. This program is for you.

  • Stop chasing your tail, barely surviving each day.
  • Start taking control of YOUR life and being intentional with how you want your life to look.
  • Skyrocket to new heights you didn't even know possible with experienced coach help.

So when I say,

THIS is the only way to get your Dream Woman to show up consistently Despite Your Life's circumstances and live a life you love like you've always wanted...”

I really mean it!

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